Guidelines to Contributers

About Registration:-

1) For Registration,Click on the “Registration” button which is at the top left corner of the page beside Home.

2) You have to fill all required information at the time of Registration and have to remember the user id and password for your  login .

3) You can not Login without filling the Registration form.

About Login:-

1) For Login, Click on the “Login” button which is at the top of the page .

2) Username and Password should match to the values provided at the time of registration.

About Question Collector:-

1) After Login you are able to contribute question in the website .First of all select your subject,unit and objective to that question.

2) After selecting question type,fill the question ,options and answer in the textboxes.

3) Press SUBMIT button for preview of your question ,options and answer format.

4) If you want to CORRECT or EDIT your sentence in that above texboxes,press EDIT button.

5)To submit your question press SAVE button.

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